sangiacomo vineyards: like many of california’s greatest vineyards, sangiacomo family vineyards of sonoma county started as a humble fruit orchard before its proprietor vittorio sangiacomo had the wisdom to covert to vines. three generations later the family continues to grow some of california’s best cool climate pinot noir grapes to the appreciation of many successful winemakers. ancillary cellars is honored to harvest pinot noir grapes from the roberts road vineyard and chardonnay from the green acres vineyard.

the roberts road vineyard is bordered on the northern edge by copeland creek, the vines were first planted in 1998 and utilize different clone and rootstock combinations for exceptional quality and balance – our pinot noir fruit is a combination of pommard and dijon clones. this special terroir bridges the gap between the old sonoma riverbed vineyards and its modern hillside approach.

the green acres vineyard is nestled between sonoma and fowler creeks south of the town of sonoma. this was sangiacomo’s first vineyard that was planted back in 1969 with chardonnay wente clone, five acres of which still exist. our chardonnay fruit comes from this section.

sangiacomo roberts road


sun chase vineyard:  this 40 acre vineyard sits between 900 and 1200 feet on the western slope of sonoma mountain in the desirable petaluma gap region of the sonoma coast ava. utilizing french pinot noir clones,  the site benefits from cool pacific breezes and early morning fog in the vineyard, allowing the grapes to fully ripen while retaining fruit acidity and a fresh, vibrant Californian style.

sun chase vineyard fog


el diablo vineyard – russian river :  from the historic vineyard on the north eastern edge of the russian river valley appellation was planted and managed by the famous viticulturalist, ulises valdez (and now his son). ulises’ intense focus for planting the correct clone and root stock based off of soil and climate is legendary – what has been called a “passion for place”. based on the gravelly clay-loan soil and foggy mornings,  ulises  chose the montrachet clone for our section of the chardonnay vineyard, planting the rows somewhat closely to encourage vine competition and reduce unnecessary vigor. the resulting clusters create a wine with intense flavors and minerality, as well as a layered and ethereal texture.

El Diablo Vineyard